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5 Common Mistakes with Warehouse Safety and How to Avoid Them


Do you run a warehouse? If you do, you’re probably very aware of the inherent dangers involved with that occupation.

If you want to prevent on-the-job injuries in your workers, you need to pay special attention to safety. Doing so can help you avoid significant liability.

Read on for five mistakes with warehouse safety and how to avoid them.

1. Untrained Staff

All staff must receive adequate training in safe working practices. Proper training should be documented and discussed with employees regularly.

Also, supervisors should be actively monitoring their staff. This is to ensure that they are adhering to the warehouse safety training protocols.

If there are any workers without proper qualifications, they should get removed from the environment. This is at least until they complete appropriate training. Be sure to focus on this before you learn how to increase warehouse ROI.

2. Poor Storage

Poor storage practices can lead to warehouse safety hazards. These could include slips and falls, inventory management issues, and more.

To avoid this, warehouses should review the safety regulations set by their local government. These can serve as vital guidelines for how to store and manage items.

Additionally, every item should get labeled and stored in its designated area. This is especially important with items stored at a high level. This is because they can often get toppled over and cause damage to equipment and personnel.

3. Inadequate Fire Prevention

Warehouses are full of combustible materials. Without proper precautions, a fire could easily occur.

There should be fire extinguishers throughout the warehouse. They should also be routinely checked. This is to ensure that they are in good condition and easily accessible.

Fire exit plans should also be in place and marked. With this, all employees will know how to evacuate in a safe and orderly fashion.

Also, take some time to look into all electrical appliances. Watch out for frayed wiring and any faulty equipment. By taking the necessary steps to prevent fires, warehouses can remain safe for staff and customers.

4. Improper Lifting Techniques

These techniques can lead to serious injuries and potential lawsuits. So it’s important to understand the proper way to lift.

To start, it’s important to check the weight and shape of the package before lifting it. If it’s too heavy, you may need help lifting it. Proper posture should also be maintained while lifting.

Maintaining communication with co-workers is incredibly important. This is especially when lifting something heavy or awkward. This can help to keep the lift organized and ensure everyone is working together and all proper techniques are being followed.

5. Poor Warehouse Layout

Without an organized layout, accidents can easily happen. This can be due to misplaced items or debris. When items are in high-traffic areas, they can present both an aesthetic and a safety hazard.

Not only can it create an unsightly workspace, but it can also disrupt the productivity of warehouse workers. In worse cases, it can cause accidents due to hazardous materials or areas being hard to access.

Avoiding Mistakes With Warehouse Safety

Implementing warehouse safety should be a priority for all businesses. Adhering to guidelines is key to avoiding mistakes.

Don’t put your operations at risk with mistakes with warehouse safety. Invest in safety measures and make them a top priority for your business.

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