Why Android is Still the Preferred Choice for Gamers


There are many reasons to use Android as a gaming platform, and one of the biggest is its extensive library of free games. Whether you prefer to play RPGs or shooter games, Android has plenty to offer. With its wide range of available devices and thousands of apps, Android is also preferred by gamers. In this article, we will examine the benefits of using Android as a gaming platform and discuss how it differs from Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Asus ROG Phone 5 Android

Asus offers three different versions of the ROG Phone 5. The base model, the ROG Phone 5S, and the ROG Telephone 5 Pro are both available with varying configurations. The basic model has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, while the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate comes with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The ROG Phone 5 Ultimate is also the most powerful version, sporting 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

The Asus ROG Phone 5 is a gamer’s dream. It offers the power and performance of a gaming laptop while maintaining the comfort of a gaming phone. This phone is ideal for gamers, but it does oversell its camera and has software quirks that can make it less comfortable to use. In the end, the ROG Phone 5 is the preferred choice for gamers. It’s a great all-around entertainment phone for the price.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Android

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may be the preferred choice of most gamers. It’s also very expensive. Its top-tier model costs $1,299, and the base model is only a little less. In the United States, a lower-end version of the ROG Phone 3 is also available, but gamers are better served by choosing the cheaper variant. In terms of performance, the Note 20 Ultra’s Snapdragon 865 processor is more than capable of keeping up. The base model will likely be around $900, while the top-tier model won’t be too much more than $1,100.

Another key feature in the Note20 series is its performance. The device offers an unprecedented gaming experience, thanks to the phone’s high-resolution display. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s 120Hz refresh rate should result in buttery smooth frames. As an added bonus, the phone supports Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the Microsoft company’s mobile subscription service. Gaming lovers will appreciate the Note 20’s superior performance for high-end gaming.


Sony Xperia 1 III Android

The Sony Xperia 1 III is the company’s latest flagship smartphone. But the old one has still managed to stay atop the gaming category. While the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S22 have a long list of improvements, the Xperia 1 III still fares quite well. The company’s Game Enhancer app is a useful tool with an extensive list of tweaks. It offers per-game audio settings and optimization toggles, and supports the Dualshock controller. Moreover, the phone’s cooling system keeps temperatures cool even during long gaming sessions.

Another major difference between the Xperia 1 III and the Galaxy S21 is the resolution. While the Galaxy S21 has a 1080p panel, the Xperia 1 III boasts a 4K display. This difference is especially noticeable when watching 4K YouTube videos. These videos have an extra level of sharpness and detail compared to their low-resolution counterparts.


Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple’s latest iPhones offer a new battery life and improved camera, but the main differences between them are the screen and the camera system. Gamers should also look for features such as a high refresh rate screen and good battery life, since they’ll be using their phones to play games. Even if Apple has made a few improvements to the iPhone 13 Pro, gamers should stick with the original model for now.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the largest display, the most battery life, and it’s a bit smaller than the iPhone XR. It feels heavier in the hand, but this is due to its larger screen. Even so, the iPhone is comfortable to hold in one hand. An entry-level variant comes with 128GB of onboard storage, which doubles the memory for $100. The 512GB and 1TB models cost around $200 more than the 256GB versions, and the 1TB version adds $500 to the base price.

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