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Bailey Sarian – Overview of the Queen of True Crime Makeup

Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian : Known as the Queen of true crime makeup, YouTuber Bailey Brooke Sarian is known for her popular series Murder, Mystery and Makeup. She also produces a podcast entitled Dark History. Her work has been recognized as pioneering the true crime makeup genre. Here is an overview of Sarian’s work. In addition to her YouTube series, she is an author, podcaster, and model. You can also follow her on Twitter, where she tweets regularly.


Before she started her YouTube channel, Bailey Sarian worked as an assistant to makeup artists at Sephora and Urban Decay. She has also worked as an in-house makeup artist with IPSY. Since starting her channel in 2013, Bailey has amassed millions of followers on YouTube, and has established herself as an influencer. Sarian is 33 years old and belongs to the Anglo-North American ethnicity. Her channel also features a variety of content, including makeup tutorials and readings from her eighth-grade diary.

After becoming a YouTuber, Bailey devoted a significant amount of time researching crime stories and hiring a research partner. She also makes time to create and film other types of videos between murder mysteries. During these breaks, Bailey uploads her Murder, Mystery and Makeup videos on Mondays and other types of videos on Saturdays. She hopes her videos will help educate the public about crime victims and women. One of her first videos was about makeup, and it has more than 320,000 views as of this writing.

In addition to her videos about makeup, Sarian also creates a series on real crime retellings. Her series ‘Murder, Mystery, and Makeup’ blends makeup tutorial videos with real crime retellings. Her personal updates are also popular and will surely interest her audience. Bailey Sarian is a YouTuber that is both popular and talented. So what are you waiting for? Follow her and get inspired!

Makeup artist

Despite her teenage years, Bailey Sarian is an accomplished makeup artist and YouTuber. She has garnered over two million followers and has worked on commercials, music videos, and weddings. She gained her first major attention on social media after posting her makeup looks online. In January 2013, Bailey Sarian started a YouTube channel and quickly became famous, posting series of make-up tutorials for a murder mystery video.

Sarian has a vast number of fans on social media, and her videos have over three million subscribers on YouTube and 1.4 million on Instagram. Her videos are engrossing to makeup aficionados, as well as those who simply like to look beautiful. Her videos also feature real-life crime scenes, which viewers love. Bailey Sarian’s passion for crime and her makeup artistry has earned her a loyal audience.

She’s also a successful YouTuber and blogger, with over 1.4 million followers. While she focuses on making people look beautiful, she also takes the time to share her personal life. In her videos, she breaks down a murder case and uses her makeup to create a full look. This content is especially interesting because Sarian also posts personal updates. For instance, she recently released a video containing a list of potential dates.

Bailey Sarian


While most people aren’t familiar with Bailey Saarian, she is a rising star on YouTube. The creator of Murder, Mystery, and Makeup has 4.7 million subscribers and nearly 428 million views. Her Murder, Mystery, and Makeup franchise also has a successful Facebook page with over nine million followers and over 200 million views. Along with her successful YouTube channel, Bailey is also the host of the podcast Dark History. She also has a popular series on Netflix, Case Closed With Bailey Saarian.

While Bailey Sarian is best known for her makeup tutorials, she has also made a name for herself as a true crime fan. Her newest podcast Dark History is a continuation of her popular YouTube series and will delve into the dark side of history and explore lesser-known stories, including the Armenian Genocide. The podcast will release new episodes every Wednesday. She will be discussing the darker side of history, from the Ottoman Empire to nationalism and even the Armenian Genocide.

As a result of her growing social media following, Bailey Sarian has partnered with Wheelhouse DNA, a digital media company founded by Brent Montgomery, to produce the first two episodes of Dark History. The podcast and video version will debut on June 2 and June 3, respectively. In the series, Sarian tells the true story of a crime while applying makeup. Bailey Saarian’s YouTube videos have garnered millions of subscribers.


Bailey Saarian has earned a lot of money through her modeling career, makeup artistry, and social media presence. She is also married to an artist named Fernando Valdez. The two of them have been together for many years and have one son. Her net worth is estimated to be around 800 thousand dollars. The two haven’t revealed anything about their personal life. They are still living happily together. However, there’s no denying that they share a strong relationship.

She got her start in YouTube by creating YouTube videos of her makeup looks. The makeup videos were inspired by real-life crimes. The model has since collaborated with brands like IPSY and ESTATE Cosmetics, creating a line of eyeshadow palettes. She has also been working with a variety of other companies, including makeup, clothing, and accessories. Her videos have garnered over 4 million views on YouTube.

The YouTube videos of Bailey Sarian have a certain x-factor. The compelling narration of her stories adds to the appeal of the videos. Bailey Sarian’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Her body is covered with tattoos, and she has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Bailey Sarian is not yet famous enough to have a boyfriend, but she is actively searching for the right one.


If you are looking for a young and hardworking entrepreneur, then you should look no further than Bailey Sarian. The 32-year-old is an entrepreneur, make-up artist, and YouTube star. She has millions of followers and an Instagram account with over two million followers. She is a former Sephora model and recently announced her separation from Fernando Valdez. Read on to learn about her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Before she became an Instagram sensation, she met Fernando Valdez, a social media personality who goes by the handle @mensoone. They met on a Friday the 13th in 2013, and got engaged in 2017. They have a 7-year-old pitbull named Saint. She also has a pitbull named Saint, who is seven years old. They have two children: a son, Noah, and a daughter, Ava and Lily.

Besides her successful YouTube channel, Bailey Sarian is a social media influencer, and has a net worth of $7 million. Her social media influence and YouTube channel have earned her more than four hundred thousand views per month. She also works with several notable cosmetic companies, including Lancome and MAC. She has also created her own makeup lines, including Etah Love and Loud Lacquer. Her videos are viewed by more than four hundred million people on YouTube. Bailey Saarian has earned millions online with her brand and YouTube channel.

She began her social media career as a YouTuber. The channel was created in January 2013, and her first video went live on 12 September. It has since received over three thousand views. She also launched a series of YouTube videos on make-up tutorials. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Bailey Sarian is an animal lover and a social media influencer. So, if you are looking for a new entrepreneur, you should check out these three people.

Bailey Sarian

Relationship with Fernando Valdez

When it comes to love and relationships, Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez have always been public figures. She was open about her relationship with Valdez and posted goofy pictures of the two on social media, but since they stopped posting on social media, many assumed the relationship had ended. If it did, what was the reason for the breakup? And, what was the actual relationship like between Sarian and Valdez?

Both the actor and the social media personality met each other in the December of 2013, and they got engaged in 2017. Afterward, they made their social media presence public and shared beautiful pictures of their engagement. The couple has one child together. The first child is named Saint Valdez and is now 7 years old. Earlier, Valdez and Sarian were just friends, but now they are married and have a daughter together.

The couple dated for about three years, and at one point, they posed for photos and videos on social media. Fern is a tattoo artist, and has over 116 thousand followers on her private Instagram account. In 2013, they became friends and then, in 2016, they got engaged. Fern and Sarian did not publicly discuss their breakup, but their followers assumed they were married, even though they weren’t engaged.

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