Top 10 hilarious Irish drinking toasts that usually make people laugh

Irish drinking toasts

What do you get when you mix Irish humour with a love of drinking? Several amusing Irish drinking toasts

Drinking and wit are two things the Irish are famed for, so it’s no surprise that we have some hilarious Irish drinking toasts.

Given how frequently the Irish drink, whether to rejoice or drown their sorrows, there are an infinite number of drinking toasts to choose from.

There are toasts on luck, health, friendship, marriage, and other topics, but let’s speak about alcohol!

The Irish have a particular sense of humour that they love to share with the rest of the world, so it’s no surprise that many of these amusing drinking toasts have gone viral.

Irish toasts are times of joy, good fortune, laughter, and wise words exchanged with family and friends at the local pub, during an event, or even at home.

They typically rhyme and have a humorous or serious aspect to them, but we all enjoy a good laugh, so here are some comical Irish drinking toasts that are sure to make the gathering chuckle.Checkout on updatedtime

  1. Let’s drink – booze and pals

My buddies are the best: they are trustworthy, willing, and capable.

Let’s get started on drinking all of the cups on the table!

little dumb head

  1. A nice Irish insult is “little dumb head.”

This is for you.

May God wrap the tape around your huge and giving heart rather than your little and dumb head when he measures you.

Drink with me

  1. Drink with me – a word play

Cheating, stealing, fighting, and drinking are all OK.

full bottle

May you cheat death if you cheat.

May you take a woman‘s heart if you steal.

And if you must battle, may it be for the sake of a brother.

And if you do drink, please do so with me.

  1. A full bottle – three essential items

Here’s to a pal, a drink, and a darling. The first was lovely, the second was full, and the final was always faithful.


  1. Sláinte – greetings

Best wishes for your health and longevity.

To you, the lady of your choosing.

You get a child every year.

You get land for nothing.

May you spend a half-hour in paradise before the devil realizes you’ve died.


Drinking is Ireland's

  1. Drinking is Ireland’s favorite activity for five reasons.

Why do I believe there are five reasons why we drink in this world:

Irish drinking toasts

Dear friends,

excellent wine,

lest we get parched,

and for any other cause!

  1. Traveling companion – sometimes not the greatest suggestion

A bird could never fly with only one wing.

(In order to induce a second drink)

have a drink for me

  1. Take her share of the drink – “have a drink for me”

Here’s to the Irish seaside women;

I only have one love, no more.

However, because she isn’t present to consume her share,

With all my heart, I’ll drink her share.

A cool beer

  1. A cool beer, followed by another

I wish you a long and happy life.

A swift and painless death.

A lovely and trustworthy young lady.

Another cool beer, please!

Irish drinking toasts

  1. The quick way to paradise is to become drunk.

No sin is committed when we fall asleep.

We go to paradise when we don’t sin.

Let’s all get wasted and go to heaven!

The list goes on and on!

Irish drinking toasts

There are several Irish toasts for all occasions, similar to limericks, which are commonly used at weddings, funerals, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, family reunions, and other events.

If you’re going to an event or getting together with some friends, it’s good learning a few Irish drinking toasts to preserve the ancient Irish custom alive.

The Irish love to live in the moment, and traditional Irish drinking toasts allow us to do just that: pause, savor the moment, and say a few words to the audience to celebrate the occasion and, of course, wow your friends.

Even if no one in the group understands what your toast was about, they will understand what Sláinte is.

Irish toasts are so famous that you’ll see them scrawled on numerous blackboards outside pubs around the country, which always catch your eye and make you laugh, so memorize these and wow the next group of drinkers you join; they’ll love it!

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