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Kota Factory Season 2 Review

Kota Factory

This review of Kota Factory Season 2 will give you the synopsis and rating of the new season. It will also discuss the release date of the show and more! We hope you’ll enjoy it! Have you been awaiting the new season? Do you know about its synopsis? If not, read on! You’ll learn a lot about the chemistry-based show! Check out our reviews below!

Review of Kota Factory Season 2

The second season of Kota Factory continues to uphold its first season’s achievements while introducing new challenges. With a cast of excellent performers, it’s a riveting show, with spot-on humour and a relatable existential struggle. It’s worth watching, if only for the nostalgic aspect. However, it lacks the heart and soul of the first season. Despite that, Kota Factory season 2 is still worth a watch, if not a purchase.

While the first season was filled with emotional moments, Kota Factory Season 2 has more realistic elements. It portrays the struggles of teenagers and the absurdities that entails. The show explores the human mind and the cruelty of perfection. It’s not just about the humour; it also deals with adolescent aspiration and the angst of being a geek. While the show doesn’t always deal with the nitty-gritty of adolescence, it does depict the realities of adolescence.


Kota Factory is an Indian comedy-drama series available on Netflix. Season one ended with Vaibhav joining Maheshwari Institute, a prestigious coaching institute in Kota that is bigger than the Prodigy classes. Season two follows Vaibhav as he moves forward with his life. When Vaibhav shakes hands with his new roommate, the aesthetic changes from black and white to color. The season ends with Vaibhav and Shushrut shaking hands, and as he begins to pursue his dreams, the drama shifts from black and white to color.

The first season was rooted in a black-and-white tonality that suggested that reality may not always be gratifying and rescued us from inevitable angst. This is especially evident in the character Vaibhav Pandey, played by Mayur More. The role of Vaibhav reminds us of the warlike nature of Indian life. And the show’s portrayal of friendship in the second season is no less touching than the first season.


With its witty satire and black-and-white tonality, Netflix’s Kota Factory is a perfect example of a show that is both fresh and original. It steers clear of the typical Hollywood frills while delivering a realistic story that can evoke deep feelings in its viewers. The actors, mostly unknown and young, play their characters with a degree of authenticity. Jeetendra Kumar, who plays the working-class tutor, is an IIT grad, lending the role extra credibility and a sense of realism. The realistic performances in this show make it a compelling watch.

The second season focuses on Jeetu Bhaiya, a student who was a breakout character in season 1. His role in season 1 is repeated as he tries to achieve the same dream that the other students share. His journey becomes a lesson in perseverance and the importance of staying true to yourself. The show’s cast is diverse and the voices are inventive. There are several memorable moments in Kota Factory Season 2.

Release date

The first season of the animated comedy series is out, but now Netflix is ready to bring the second season of Kota Factory to its viewers. The show follows the story of four high school kids as they try to win a scholarship to the prestigious Kota Factory. It is produced by The Viral Fever and will premiere on Netflix on September 24. The new season of Kota Factory will also be available for streaming on TVF Play, YouTube, and Netflix.

The second season will include two episodes dedicated to bodily fluids. One focuses on Vaibhav’s mid-term jaundice and the other on Meena’s discovery of self-pleasure. It’s a mixed bag: one storyline is aimed at chuckles, the other embraces schmaltz. But if you’re looking for a fun, funny, and sweet comedy, Kota Factory might be the one for you.


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