All That You Need To Know About Public Relations Measurements

Public Relations

If you want to know the most efficient Public Relations Measurements, you should forget about impressions, emotions, and share of voice. They are not included in the list. Very often, PR experts do their best to reach some targets within their promotional campaign. Reinforcing this metric over and over again just blocks you from reaching the needed goals.

Did it happen to you that your boss or PR lead asked you to reach out to a public relations campaign? You should not repeat the same mistake as most social media marketers do using this non-efficient metric.

When we speak about impressions of your messages, blog posts, or articles and their impact on people, they are a waste of time if people can’t see the name of your company. Every message you write in your PR campaign should call for real actions, otherwise it is totally useless. So we are going to see what exactly PR experts should measure to be sure that their campaign is efficient and fruitful. It is not easy to find a balance between company’s values and impressions. In order to choose the most efficient measurements, you need to set the right goals for your company. Below, you will find some inspiring ideas to get started.

Top 3 Public Relations Measurements

The trip of a common buyer normally includes around 20 touchpoints. In certain cases the number can grow towards hundreds. We have to admit that neither public relations nor ads are not enough to attract buyers. We can say the same about social media and email marketing. All the mentioned channels influence each other and just propel action from prospects. You should stop checking PR outputs solely, such as share of voice/impressions/placements, etc. You’d better look at your PR campaign’s impact and PR metrics on your entire brand’s marketing plan.

You can divide PR measurements into three categories:

  1. SEO impact

Organic SEO optimization is essential for driving enough conversions and web traffic. Do you know that around 54% of trackable traffic comes directly from organic search. An experienced PR expert knows perfectly what to do in order to boost the value of SEO optimization and media coverage. Make sure you know how to use backlinks and keywords efficiently. SEO metrics are web traffic, organic search conversions, domain authority, and backlinks should be your key metrics, which influence your public relations campaign.

  1. Email

Does your company leverage media coverage? You can do it by means of newsletters, emails, and various nurture programs. If you do not include such activities, you risk missing out on excellent chances to get validation of the best prospects. This PR channel has many advantages for your brand’s media coverage.

  1. Web traffic

When you write content, you want to include as many backlinks as possible. However, many publications decide not to include them on vendor sites. That is why you should look at conversions and web traffic from the links. Do not forget to track  traffic trends in order to be aware of all changes in common web traffic changes. It is a smart idea to ask your clients where they hard about the company.

Final Conclusion

Public relations is not a magic pill to solve the issue with leads. It is important to check whether your PR campaign dos the needed impact on your brand. It something gos wrong, you will notice it on time and will make corrections.

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