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Top 5 Major Benefits of Hiring a Content Marketing Service

Content Marketing

Around 71% of B2C marketing professionals say every business needs content marketing. Using tried and tested marketing strategies is the only way to increase exposure to your brand name and services.

But you’re a busy entrepreneur. It’s unlikely that you have the proper marketing knowledge needed to grow your business. And you only have 24 hours in a day; you cannot do everything!

That’s why you need to hire a content marketing service.

Not sure it’s worth the money? Read on to find out all benefits of hiring an external content marketing team rather than in-house. Or not hiring one at all!

1. You Can Hire the Best of the Best

If you need inventory or supplies, then you likely have to pay for a local service. But one of the benefits of content marketing is that it’s a digital industry. You can choose the best agency for the job no matter where they are worldwide.

If you run a technical business, you can hire specialized niche content marketers. If one content marketing service will not agree to your deadlines, you will find one that can. Whether you’re B2B, B2C, a small business, or a corporation, there will be a service that will meet your requirements.

And only hiring content marketing professionals in your local area (or in-house) is limiting. They might be solid content marketers, but they may not offer all the experience and expertise your business needs to grow.

2. Access to Experienced Professionals

Speaking of experience, you may not appreciate exactly what a content marketing service offers. They are teams of professionals with different specialties and diverse backgrounds. Here’s a list of some of the main roles in most content marketing teams:

  • Content writers and bloggers
  • Other content creators like photographers and videographers
  • Email marketing specialists
  • SEO specialists
  • Social media specialists
  • PPC and paid ad specialists
  • Community managers
  • Content marketing managers
  • Content marketing directors

Content writers and bloggers are marketers with excellent research and grammar skills. They will be able to write content for your website that’s relevant to your business. Photographers and videographers can also create content for your website and social media.

Email marketing specialists know how to craft compelling emails. But they also know how to use sales funnels to entice customers back to your business.

SEO specialists can increase your business’s rankings in search engines. Social media specialists can create and plan content for your accounts.

PPC and paid ad specialists know how to use content and sales funnels to boost paid posts on social media and search engines. Community managers can assist with customer service on social media. They can also manage Facebook groups and website comments.

Content managers and directors can provide one point of contact and oversee your strategy. Even if you have good knowledge of marketing, you will never be able to compete with the decades of experience of an entire team.

They will have dozens of case studies and content marketing examples from previous clients. They know what works. And they will be able to suggest strategies and options you didn’t even know were possible.

3. Only Pay For Marketing Services

You might be considering hiring an in-house service. There are some content marketing benefits to this. It’s easier to share assets and you can collaborate in person.

But when you’re starting a new venture, you need to be mindful of your bottom line. Hiring an in-house team means you also need to pay for employee benefits, office space, supplies, and bills. It’s much more difficult and time-consuming to scale up or scale down your marketing strategy with the needs of your business.

Hiring an external content marketing team means you only pay for their marketing services. And if you need to tighten your budget for one month, you can scale down your marketing plans without needing to let go of staff.

And when you’re ready to scale up your marketing efforts to boost your business? Let your marketing service know and they will put more people on your contract to ramp up production! It’s that simple.

4. Your Content Will Conform to One Style

Let’s say you hire a freelance content marketer for one campaign. They plan, create, and post the content themselves. But when you want to hire them for the next quarter, they are unavailable. So you have to find someone else.

They have no clue what work the previous freelancer did for your business. And their content will have a different tone and style. You may end up paying them to make all the same mistakes the first freelancer made, too!

And most freelance content marketers only have one specialty. Your paid ads might look very different from your organic social media posts.

But when you hire a content marketing agency, they often have strict content guidelines. This means every piece of content they will create for your business will follow the same cohesive style no matter who creates it.

They can look at the big picture. They’ll ensure all content, from email newsletters to blog posts, look professional and streamlined.

5. Always Have Consistent Output

One of the most difficult parts of creating content is creating consistent content. Sure, you have this month’s content organized. But what about next month when you have zero content ideas?

This is not a problem when you hire an external content marketing team. It’s their job to meet their deadlines and your content requirements. And it’s their job to produce content that is creative and fits your brand.

Boost Your Business and Hire a Content Marketing Service Today

Hiring a content marketing service offers tons of benefits to your business that you can’t afford to ignore. You will no doubt earn back your content marketing investment in sales and continue to grow.

Running a business in today’s online world means keeping up with the latest marketing strategies, software, and tools. Browse our technology articles for more info and content marketing service tips!

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