4 steps to creating the perfect modern letterhead for your business


Essential elements for an impressive letterhead presentation

When creating your letterhead, thoroughly represent the company’s branding. Every detail makes a difference; this includes the color scheme, layout, fonts, visual content, logos, and many other factors. Here are elements you could add to make your letterhead aesthetically pleasing while being professional:

Use a suitable font

Firstly, you should know which demographic you are aiming to cater to and your company’s style. Either you are a brand rich in tradition and culture or have a modern touch. With fonts, you can subtly convey that concept to the recipients.

Most people choose popular fonts like Futura, Helvetica, Century Gothic, and others on their letterheads. And while there’s no harm in it, making an impact with such mainstream fonts is quite challenging. If you feel that no existing font is doing justice to your branding, you can always create your ideal font.

Consider that this process demands time, branding effort, and capital, but it’s all worth it in the end. Also, consider the fact that the appearance of the same font can vary dramatically depending on size, and it will appear smaller when printed out than it does on a screen.

Note that the words will appear next to the letter’s content, which may be presented in a different style or a different size from the font you select. Make sure your chosen font looks appropriate in each scenario by printing out a few “trial runs.”

Add a befitting layout

Make sure you’re using the most appropriate software for this job. If you are okay with restrictions in graphics and extravagant layouts and want a simple look, you could resort to standard software like Word or Pages.

Choose a tool that is specifically made to aid you in creating more adaptable publishing layouts and enables you to improve your design gradually. Don’t shy away from using colors creatively, as a monochromatic layout isn’t always necessary.

A colorful and elegant border is a terrific way to amplify the appearance while ensuring it doesn’t detract from the letterhead’s text. Instead, a well-designed border should help draw attention to the text, which is the most crucial component of the page.

A sophisticated yet bold trend of geometric graphics has been taking off lately. Simply build your design by repeating a geometric shape that compliments your brand’s color palette.

Another element you can add is an eye-catching header with your logo or signature. With PosterMyWall, you can explore a wide variety of posters and graphics. Selecting the software you are most at ease using is essential because you will be more confident when creating the layout, and the result will be better.

Insert imagery

While a letterhead might not seem the most obvious place to display your photographic talent, discreetly including a photo in your design can be significantly effective. However, an image could enhance any letterhead.

If you want to create a futuristic, technologically advanced design, a geometric pattern will masterfully combine shape, color, and a dramatic image. A photograph or patterned image might give your design an additional level of intrigue.

Use gradients and transparency to make photos fade into the background when using pictures in letterhead layouts to keep the overall design subtle and business-appropriate.

Complement it with other stationery

It is not compulsory to confine yourself to just a letter. You can always take a step further and incorporate add-ons to compliment your letterhead. While designing an entire set of stationery may seem like a lot of work, it may help you stand out from the competition when applying for competitive creative employment.

Opening up a branded envelope to find a letter, portfolio, and business card in a matching style for an employer reviewing hundreds of generic applications is an absolute delight. It will also make your letter more memorable.

Starting with your design on a blank canvas can be daunting at times. Services like PosterMyWall can help create ideally suitable envelopes, business cards, etc., and have letterhead templates for different stationery items.

Final verdict

Even though many businesses in today’s digital world are becoming paperless, a letterhead is still necessary. The majority of your communications may be conducted over the phone and email, but occasionally a nicely designed letterhead can be the most effective form of communication.

Letterheads bring many opportunities for brands in brand engagement and collaborations. A letterhead should accurately represent your company’s message because it is one of its most important marketing tools. If your letterhead design is flawed, potential clients may assume your firm is unsuitable and choose to do business with someone else.

Working with top-notch graphic design tools and qualified designers may help your company produce eye-catching letterheads that will compel customers to read the message they contain. You can consider PosterMyWall premium subscriptions to gain numerous perks at an affordable price.

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