8 Ways to Distribute Your Videos for Maximum Engagement


Making captivating and appealing videos is one thing. But getting the videos across to your intended audience is another process entirely, one that also requires much work, even after the video development process is complete.

Although it’s common to seek out social media platforms as the best places to distribute your video, there are other ways you could do that. This article will discuss 8 effective distribution strategies for your videos to get the most engagement.

1.  Upload Enticing Snippets on Social Media Platforms

Posting videos on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other similar sites are typically the first choice in distributing videos. But one error that most business owners make is to upload these videos in their entirety on these platforms. Due to the abundance of videos on the internet and the viewers’ lack of free time and attention, you shouldn’t do this.

Most of the time, it’s preferable to merely share an intriguing excerpt of your video that will capture and pique viewers’ curiosity. This way, once you’ve piqued their interest, they can find the whole video on your website or YouTube page through a call to action and a backlink.

Snippets are a preferred choice to post because these other platforms (like Facebook) were never intended to be video platforms like YouTube.

2.  Post the Full Video on YouTube

A business owner is expected to have a YouTube page where they post informational videos about their brand. Because YouTube is a video platform, it’s generally expected that videos posted there would be more detailed.

Furthermore, being the second largest search engine after Google and having a vast audience, YouTube remains one of the best ways to distribute your videos. However, it must be search engine optimized with relevant keywords in the title and video description.

As mentioned above, you can also link this entire video to your social media posts. This will satisfy viewers who were hooked with the short snippet video on their feeds.

3.  Upload on Your Website

Your website is more like your online business catalog, which should display every vital detail about your business. Thus, if there’s any better place to upload your video, it should be on your website.

When people come across your website, it helps express your brand more concisely and memorably; after all, people remember what they watch more.

Additionally, because Google sees video content as a great SEO strategy, your website tends to rank higher on search engine result pages related to your business.

4.  Include Videos in Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is great, but pairing it with video marketing can make it even more effective. This can help you stand out from other email marketers who send random emails only filled with text that are most often not opened or read.

When a person receives an email that includes a video, they’re compelled by their curiosity to check it out. A captivating video intro is also a bonus, as this can make them watch the video till the end.

5.  Showcase Your Video in Webinars

As business owners, it’s not uncommon to organize webinars often, either free or paid. This is because webinars are an interesting way of attracting leads to your business. You also get to teach or talk about what you know best—your business.

However, while conventional webinars would include showcasing only text slides, using videos within webinars is fantastic. This way, you have not only maintained the engagement and entertainment of the webinar, but have also promoted your brand.

This is a great way to distribute your video content, as most webinars host a large audience who are most likely already interested in your business.

6.  Use the Video Audio for Podcast

People lead hectic lifestyles. They are balancing their job, business, and home obligations. Thus, they don’t always have time for the internet or anything visually appealing; podcasts capitalize on this.

Although it may seem unusual, turning the audio from your video into a podcast message is a fantastic method to spread the word about your business. In this manner, busy people can hear what you have to offer while on the go. But, this might not always be the greatest for a video that reviews or describes a product. It works well for talking-head videos, interviews, and brand awareness campaigns.

7.  Transcribe and Translate Your Video

You’ve probably only heard about transcribing texts into videos, but it’s not uncommon to transcribe your videos into texts. In this scenario, you’re using both simultaneously; this way, it becomes easier for viewers to get the essential details of your videos.

Furthermore, this is great for SEO as Google picks up the keywords in your transcription and boosts your webpage for those keywords. You can further translate that transcript into foreign languages, giving your video a broader international reach.

8.  Create GIFs with Video Images

Lastly, don’t forget to create GIFs from still images captured from your video. GIFs are best used to showcase a particular video moment that entices the viewer to watch the whole clip. This way, you get to loop the fun and interesting part of the video into a shorter clip that can be watched several times.

GIFs are shorter than snippets and solely include the core video content without any introductions. The GIF’s repeating feature also encourages viewers to watch it repeatedly. Therefore, converting video photos into GIFs is a fantastic technique to distribute your video for the most interaction possible.

Videos are enjoyable to watch because they keep the audience interested while conveying a message. It’s hardly surprising why video marketing has a greater conversion rate. Although making significant investments in video production is necessary, making further investments in video distribution is just as important.

This is because video marketing is never completed until the video reaches its intended audience. So, if you’ve been having trouble getting your videos seen by a large audience, now is the time to give these 8 strategies a shot.

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