How to Choose a Pallet Racking System

pallet racking

The used pallet shortage has been exacerbated over the last year. Presumably due to the pandemic-related supply chain constraints and disruptions. In 2018 and 2020, for example, 27% of companies were experiencing shortages of used pallets.

As the movement of products has increased, so have the thoughts for better ways to store them. This thought process has led to an increase in pallet rack installations each year.

So, how do you choose the right pallet racking system? We’ve got you! Read on to learn more.

What Is a Pallet Rack?

A pallet rack is an industrial storage system for holding large quantities of goods and materials. It is typically made up of two beams with horizontal tiers. These are joined together to provide a common support system.

It allows multiple items to be stored easily, with better accessibility or improved stability. Pallet racks are sometimes referred to as pallet racking, pallet shelving, or high-rack shelving. It is an ideal storage solution for warehouses and distribution centers as it provides an efficient method for the storage and dispersion of stock.

The design also allows for easy rearrangement of products. Pallet racks can be adjustable in size, allowing for different shapes and configurations to be adopted. Although the initial cost of setting up a pallet rack is often high, the benefits it provides in the long term more than mitigate this cost.

Tips for Selecting the Right Pallet Racking System

When selecting a pallet racking system, it is vital to ensure that the system is appropriate for your warehouse. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right system:

Evaluate Your Equipment Storage Needs

Consider what type of equipment you have, and estimate the volume you typically store. This will help to decide the size and height of the racking system needed. Additionally, understand what type of access is necessary to the products.

Any obstructions in the storage area will help  styledetermine the pallet racking system style that best suits your needs. It may be beneficial to consider the use of column protectors or aisle sweeper systems. That will depend on the nature of the space, products, and environment.

Compare Different Designs of Pallet Racking Systems

The most popular pallet racking systems include drive-in racking, push-back racking, single-deep and double-deep, cantilever racking, and selective racking. Drive-in racking contains multiple entry points and is excellent for stocking lots of items in a single space.

Push-back racking features a series of carts configured in a system that allows pallets to be pushed back when no longer needed, as well as complete access to all items when they need to be retrieved.Single-deep and double-deep racking feature a single-deep lane or a double-deep lane of pallet spaces. Cantilever racking allows direct access to each pallet loaded in the system, often used for storing items of varying sizes.

Security and Safety Considerations

The most crucial factor is to make sure the system fully supports the weight and movement of the goods stored on it. The racking system should be made of quality materials, with no welds or other joints that could become weak. Make sure the uprights, beams, and other components are tightly fitted and securely fastened, with no loose parts.

The proper process for loading and unloading should be considered. This includes such as using forklifts or other appropriate mechanisms. Also, measures should be taken to protect workers from potential accidents.

Make sure that all uprights, shelves, and beams have protective guards to prevent workers from injuries. Finally, install safety devices. For example, sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Remember to perform regular inspections to avoid any damage from occurring.

Cost-effectiveness for Your Business

The most cost-effective system will include pallet rack protection. It helps to ensure fewer accidents involving heavy pallets being stored, which can be very costly in terms of injury, equipment, and materials. It also helps prevent damage to your pallet racking due to poorly placed pallets or overstacking.

As such, it is essential to factor the cost of pallet rack protection into the cost of your racking system. This cost should be weighed against the potential savings that pallet rack protection provides.

Proper Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation of the pallet racking system is vital for ensuring the safety of personnel. It will also ensure keeping materials safe.

A properly installed pallet racking system ensures that no pieces of the system are loose or missing. Plus, the deflections within the racks are minimized. Maintenance of the pallet racking system is also essential for the life and performance of the system.

Regularly checking for misaligned, damaged, or worn parts are imperative for a long-lasting, safe system. If parts of the pallet racking system have been damaged, corroded, or worn excessively, they must be immediately replaced or repaired.

The Risks of the Wrong Pallet Racking System

Using the wrong pallet racking system for storing inventory in your warehouse can lead to serious safety concerns. Plus, it can lead to damaged goods and lost profits. Without the proper requirements, warehouses are running the risk of unsafe and dangerous accidents.

Heavy loads can also cause racking systems to malfunction. When done incorrectly, there is a great risk of goods falling off or collapsing racks, leading to injury or damaged goods and products.

Using the wrong pallet racking system can lead to an inefficient system, longer pick/pack times, incorrect loading, and resulting in a costly mistake. To avoid these risks, warehouses must assess the right system to ensure safety, savings, and efficiency for the organization.

Choose the Best Style of Pallet Racking for Your Warehouse

Choosing a pallet racking system is a long-term investment. So it is essential to consider the size and nature of your product carefully. The types of warehouse environments will also be helpful in determining the best system for you.

With the right supplier, you can be confident you will get a quality product. Take the time to research pallet racking and find the best one for your needs.

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