Bess Katramados

Bess Katramados

Bess Katramados, model, actress, and wife of Paul Wight II, was born in San Antonio, Texas, USA. She started her modeling career at the age of nine and soon became an internationally acclaimed model. During her modeling career, she has worked for some of the most prestigious brands in the world. A passionate person and an aspiring artist, she hopes to continue to model for as long as possible.

Bess Katramados Early life

Bess Katramados is a former American model. She is married to WWE superstar, Big Show. They have two children together. The couple lives in Miami, Florida. They own a $3.7 million house.

  • When she was just a child, Bess wanted to become a model. But she opted for a different path. In high school, she started to pursue modeling, and soon became a popular model. As a model, she worked for many organizations. For her work, she was able to generate decent amounts of money. However, she decided to leave her career after getting married.
  • Bess is known for her stunning body. She stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. She has long blonde hair. Her eyes are blue. She is also a Christian. Her horoscope charts indicate she was born in Cancer.
  • Bess Katramados was born on July 13, 1970, in Illinois, USA. She is of Caucasian ethnicity. Though she does not share much about her personal life, she is very private and does not talk about her parents. Although, she is not the most open person, her husband is very proud of his wife’s faith. He claims to be a Christian.
  • During her youth, Bess spent most of her time with her grandparents. Bess also attended Lutheran High School in Illinois. After graduation, she worked with a few organizations. Eventually, she left her career to be a stay at home mother.
  • When she got married to Big Show, she was able to realize her dream of becoming a model. Even though she was a part time model, she still worked with a few agencies. Eventually, she was able to get contracts with upcoming brands. Since then, she has worked for several organizations.
  • Bess Katramados was a fitness freak. As a part of her career, she traveled to different places. Bess has a well-maintained figure and has a 32 cup size. She wears a shoe size 6 in the United Kingdom. While she prefers glamour looks, she also has a taste for black garments.
  • Although she is not very active on social media, she has a lot of followers on Instagram. Currently, she has over 1.4m followers. Despite her success in the modeling industry, she is very private when it comes to her personal life.
  • Bess Katramados and her husband, Big Show, have been married for two years. The couple have adopted a daughter from Big Show’s previous marriage. Bess is a loving and caring mother. She instills her faith in God in her children. Currently, Bess and Big Show are living together and raising their kids.

Although she was not a celebrity before she married Big Show, Bess Katramados has been a big hit with fans. She has a modest net worth of $20 Million.

Modeling career

Bess Katramados is an American model and former pro wrestler. She has worked with several small companies and brands throughout her career, but her career as a professional model did not lead to a lot of success. She did not have the chance to appear on the cover page of many magazines. However, she had a good body that helped her to land a job with a number of different brands.

  • As a model, she worked for several North American brands. Her face is attractive, and she is strikingly charming in her build. Despite not being a fashion icon, she has built a nice fan base.
  • Bess Katramados has been married to WWE Superstar Big Show since 2002. They have two children together. In addition, Bess has become a stay-at-home mother. The couple moved to Miami, where they purchased a house with a swimming pool and many rooms. Although they have kept their personal lives private, Bess has made it clear that she takes care of her family.
  • Before becoming a professional model, Bess was a stay-at-home mom, and she worked in her hometown of Illinois. This led her to work for smaller organizations and firms in order to focus on raising her children. After she and Big Show got married, she stopped working. While she has not revealed details about her marriage or her family, she has said that she is a Christian.
  • Bess Katramados has a relatively modest net worth. It is hard to determine her actual income, but she is likely to earn between $3 million and $10 million per year. She is not very active on social media, and her personal life remains under wraps.
  • A lot of people do not have the opportunity to work as a model. Therefore, despite her stunning looks, she has not enjoyed a great deal of success in her career. Some of her highlights are her light brown eyes, and the classical blonde hair she has. Also, she has a 34-inch bra size, and 32-inch hips. But she does not promote the wearing of tattoos on her body.
  • When Bess Katramados and The Big Show were married, they decided to live together forever. As a result, they were able to buy a massive house in Miami. During their relationship, she has been a very supportive partner for Big Show. Several times, Big Show has mentioned that he would not have done as well if it were not for Bess’ support.

Bess Katramados and Big Show have become an example for other couples in the show business. They set a high standard for other new marriages, and they also set an example for other famous celebrity couples, including Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

Marriage to Paul Wight II Bess Katramados

Bess Katramados and Paul Wight II, also known as Big Show, are famously known for being an enviable couple. They have been married for 18 years and have two children. Despite being a popular couple, they have kept their private life largely private.

  • Bess Katramados was born in 1973 in Illinois, United States. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and has blue eyes. Her body figure is perfect and she has a 34 waist size. At present, she is a personal trainer. Before marrying Big Show, she was a model. But after marriage, she gave up modeling for the sake of her family. In fact, she now works as a homemaker and fitness instructor.
  • It was through her modelling career that Bess was noticed by Big Show. She was one of the stars of the show “The Big Show Show,” which is a streaming television show on Netflix. However, it was through her relationship with Big Show that she became famous. Several clothing brands have signed her as an endorser in the past.
  • Paul Donald Wight II, whose real name is Paul Donald Wright, is an American actor and professional wrestler. He has appeared in various movies and TV shows. He has worked for WWE, which is a professional wrestling company. The most popular face of the organization is Shaquille O’Neal. During his first marriage, he was a basketball player. After his divorce, he began dating Bess Katramados. Their relationship has been a source of interest for fans of the WWE.
  • Besides being a professional wrestler, Paul is an actor and a commentator. He has been in the industry since 1994. His first marriage to Melissa Ann Piavis ended in 2002. Afterwards, he got married to Bess Katramados in 2002.
  • Bess is not on social media. She doesn’t have any accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Fortunately, she has a daughter from her former marriage, Lola. Currently, her son is a child, but they haven’t yet revealed their names. As for her husband, he has two daughters from his previous marriage.
  • One of the daughters is Cierra Wight. Cierra was born on October 2, 1997, in Florida. According to her father, she is now a young woman who aspires to become a famous actress. Moreover, her social media accounts are private.
  • Bess Katramados and Paul Donald Wight II share a 9,589 square-foot house in Miami. The house is valued at $3.7 million. Besides, they own a house in Odessa, near Tampa, in Florida.

The pair has been married for two decades, and has a home worth about $22 million. While the couple is devoted to each other, they keep their relationship private. Often, they travel together. Despite their marriage, they have managed to protect their children from public scrutiny.

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