3 Undeniable Perks of Being an Accountant


Not many people know that Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, is a qualified accountant. While reaching his level of success is something most of us can only dream about, many accountants enjoy rewarding and satisfying careers.

But what are the benefits of being an accountant that makes this a popular career path? Before you commit to qualifying as an accountant, you’ll want to know if this is the right job choice for you.

You’ll be excited to work in the accounting industry when you learn about the three incredible advantages we’ll highlight in this post.

Let’s find out more!

1. Accountants Are Highly Paid

The salary and benefits of an accountant can be an attractive factor when choosing a career, with the average worker earning between $54,950 and $118,830. As you become more experienced, you can command a higher salary, as companies will be happy to pay for your expertise.

There is also the advantage of being seen as a financially-astute professional. This can mean companies are willing to offer you deals that may not be available to others. For example, you can read this guide to accountant home loans to learn how being an accountant could help you get a superb deal when borrowing money.

2. Many Accountancy Career Path Options

There are plenty of ways to develop your career in accounting. This could include becoming an auditor or a forensic accountant. Or, you might decide to become an accounting expert in budget analysis or tax accountancy.

You could even start out on one career path before switching to another field later. This wide variety of opportunities will allow you to choose a specialization that matches your individual skills.

3. You Can Start Your Own Accountancy Firm

When you become an accountant, you might be learning your trade as an employee. This can be an excellent way to understand the industry and develop your knowledge and abilities.

There’s no denying the strong accountant job outlook from the employee perspective.

However, you could also take the entrepreneurial route and set up your own firm. If you hire first-rate management professionals, they can oversee many of the daily aspects of running the business.

This can give you more free time and a far more lucrative earning potential.

There Are So Many Fantastic Benefits of Being an Accountant

The benefits of being an accountant make this a terrific career choice.

There’s the potential to earn significant sums of money and the option to specialize in a field of accountancy that best suits your skill sets. You could even set up your own accountancy business and allow others to complete the day-to-day tasks of running a company.

It’s no wonder so many people want to work as an accountant!

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