Creating a Sleek Entertainment Website with a Pre-Made Template


Besides standing as an economic and employment pillar for the US, the entertainment industry preserves its clients’ mental and emotional well-being. The primary source through which this industry targets people is an immersive website that showcases music, videos, news, and more.

Are you also a part of this industry but don’t have a website yet due to a lack of coding skills? This guide will show you the easier way of building a sleek website with a pre-made template.

1.     Registration

First, choose a website builder based on factors like budget, ease of use, themes, support, and design flexibility. After opening the website builder’s page, you will simply need to get yourself registered. This step is straightforward, usually done using Google authorization or even Facebook. Once done, you will have to choose a website-building plan depending on your needs and budget.

2.     Template Selection

Once the payment is made, you will be directed to your dashboard for entertainment website template selection. You can choose a template based on the type of entertainment your brand offers but don’t worry about feeling superficial.

According to GLASS, there are hundreds of template options to choose from, and you can always customize the elements. These include fonts, color palettes, order of blocks, etc., to make the final result unique.

3.     Filling Site Content

Once the skeletal structure of your website is in place, it’s time to bring the meatier stuff. Let your audience know the prices, business location, contact info, etc. Make the value proposition clear from the get-go (main page) so that your website visitors know how you stand out from your competitors.

Decorate the different pages (starting with the homepage) with relevant GIFs, pictures, and useful information.

Parting Thoughts

According to Deloitte’s media and entertainment industry outlook report for 2023, competition among entertainment providers is only rising. Companies are trying new techniques to gain subscribers, sales, and viewership.

This issue is only made worse by customer expectations of fresh content despite a highly saturated market. Without a user-friendly website, brands risk losing their identity to the curse of oblivion.

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