Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer When Writing My Will?


A will is a legal document that conveys your final wishes about who receives your property after your passing. People also tend to outline their wishes regarding who should care for their children, their assets, and sometimes even their pets when creating their will. While there are a ton of templates and websites out there to help you create a will, it’s best to work with wills and estate lawyers.

When you pass, you’ll want your will to convey your personal wishes without being challenged in court. Each state has its own statutes governing the probate process and the requirements are strict. Many online templates may not be current or legally binding in all aspects. A recent study found that DIY wills were challenged and litigated much more often than those prepared by wills and estate lawyers. Here’s some of the most important reasons to hire a lawyer to help prepare your will.

Encompass Legally Binding Components

Many people assume that a will is only used to leave property to someone known to the decedent. While this is true, a will is also used to convey wishes about who will care for minor children and assets left to minor children. People often leave assets to charity and name the executor of their estate using a legally prepared will.

People also fail to realize how much property they’ve accumulated over the years. There are many types of assets which must be accounted for and distributed after someone’s passing. To further complicate things, probate laws change constantly. Partnering with wills and estate lawyers ensures all assets and real property are accounted for in the document. It also means that the will is current and legally binding.

Make Optimum Arrangements

Every family has unique dynamics. People often remarry after divorce creating blended families with children and step children. This can sometimes create optimal circumstances for a will to be contested after someone’s untimely passing. Professionally created wills are much less likely to be challenged in court. An experienced wills and estate attorney can also help explore multiple strategies to reduce an heir’s tax burden after the estate is closed.

Create Supplemental Documents

It is often wise to create supplemental documents when writing your last will and testament. This makes it especially important that the documents are legally binding and current. These supplemental documents often include a healthcare power of attorney and a financial power of attorney. It’s unfortunate but people often lose the ability to care for themselves completely as they age.

A healthcare power of attorney elects a trusted person to make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself. A financial power of attorney works the same way. These documents are usually created together along with a last will and testament. Partnering with trusted wills and estate lawyers to create these documents ensures they comply with state laws and are legally recognized in court.

Partner with Wills and Estate Lawyers Today

Creating a will along with other supplemental documents is an important process. Your last will and testament is not a document you should DIY because you want to ensure it meets all state and legal requirements. It’s also important to ensure all assets and real property are included in your will. Your wills and testament lawyers will help ensure your will is legally recognized in a court of law and that your final wishes are carried out. Working with an attorney also helps reduce the tax burden on family members and reduces the chances of litigation before closing your estate. If you are ready to write your will, then partner with experienced wills and estate lawyers today.

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