2023 NCAAF: What Are the Predictions for the Big Ten Season?


Big Ten Conference is the oldest Division I collegiate athletic conference of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The new season started last September 2 (Saturday) in Aviva Stadium in Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor with the college football powerhouses Michigan Wolverines and Penn State Nittany Lions. 

With such a strong start, fans are thrilled with how the other teams will perform for the rest of the season. As such, a list of favorites to win this season starts to pop up here and there. If you’re here to discover the predicted college teams or have the best chances to win this new season of the Big Ten, here’s a list you can check out.

Michigan Wolverines

The Michigan Wolverines are undoubtedly one of the top colleges predicted to win this new season. After claiming their back-to-back Big Ten wins, the Wolverines have frequented the College Football Playoff. FanDuel NCAAF Odds revealed that getting their third title isn’t a far-off dream. 

In fact, after returning in 2023, coach Jim Harbaugh strongly believes that Michigan’s roster this season will catch the eyes of not only fans and experts but also the National Football League (NFL). He believes around 20 players could be drafted next year, marking the NFL’s history.

Moreover, people should watch out for the return of QB J.J. McCarthy and tailbacks Donovan Edwards and Blake Corum. Undoubtedly, the Michigan Wolverines hold one of the best offenses in the NCAAF. Though the defense isn’t as excellent as the offense, it’s still something to note, thanks to Will Johnson and the veteran Mike Sainristill.

Ohio State Buckeyes

There’s no doubt that the Ohio State Buckeyes are on equal grounds with Michigan, but this season, the team has a significant hole to cover up after QB C.J. Stroud got drafted in the NFL earlier this year. 

The team has Devin Brown and Kyle McCord, but questions are on the air about whether they’ll be worthy to push the team to the championship level since both players don’t have enough experience at the college level. Nonetheless, this season will unveil all the answers, and they’re still up and running as one of the favorites to be predicted to win the Big Ten conference. 

Additionally, it’s best to note that Ohio State’s star running back TreVeyon Henderson missed the remaining games last season due to a lingering foot injury. If the Buckeyes could get over this small hump, they might eventually have the chance to avoid losing against Michigan for the third time finally.

Penn State Nittany Lions

After the remarkable teams so far, Penn State Nittany Lions also don’t shy away from being a favorite to win the Big Ten. The team is one of the teams people believe will make this season a more compelling race. Coach James Franklin has been reported to have formed the most talented roster he’s ever had. Though toppling over Michigan and Ohio will be a difficult challenge, with the current roster, the odds are better than the past seasons. 

Still, their 2023 Big Ten schedule has been analyzed as their primary trial, where the college team will have to travel to Illinois, host Iowa, head to Ohio State in October, and host Michigan in November. If they can keep up with the exhaustion of traveling and face each team in their best condition, then there’s no telling how far the Nittany Lions can go.

Wisconsin Badgers

The Wisconsin Badgers are at the top of the Big Ten West’s list to be the favorite to win in the conference. Despite the headline, the Big Ten West is still very unpredictable due to the uncertainty of the odds. If the Badgers don’t get over their poor quarterback play and fail to maximize their wide receiver, it’s a telltale that the West will present another wide-open race way behind the East. 

Still, the Wisconsin Badgers had a promising performance this season after the debut of the team’s new offensive coordinator, formerly from North Carolina, Phil Longo. If Longo figured out a way to work out Wisconsin’s system, the West may have the chance to break the top teams from the East.

Iowa Hawkeyes

The Iowa Hawkeyes are one of the top teams from the Big Ten West, following the Wisconsin Badgers. One of the top news surrounding the Hawkeyes is the revision of the contract of offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz. 

Not only that but his salary was also lowered after the disastrous performance last season. Until the Iowa Hawkeyes score an average of at least 25 points per game. This is a concern because the Hawkeyes’ success will be put on hold unless Ferentz improves. 

On the brighter side, if the Hawkeyes face a triumphant return, it means a return to the Big Ten Championship game. Above all, the Iowa Hawkeyes are considered one of the teams with better chances of winning the West conference of the Big Ten compared to the others. If they can somehow find a way to win over a few lumps, then it’s not an entirely impossible feat, even for the Hawkeyes.

Final Thoughts

Home of prominent college sports clubs, the NCAAF presents the Big Ten for all the fans. Although the West seems to be struggling to keep up with the East, they’re still relatively striving to make an appearance in the championships. In this list, you’ll see the current situations in the West and East. So, who do you think will win in this new season of the Big Ten?


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