Healthy Brain: 3 Memory Games for Seniors


Have you ever gone somewhere in your home to do something, only to forget what you wanted to do once you were there? Or maybe your family or friends have mentioned how you keep asking the same questions. Perhaps it’s not you who experiences these issues, but your aging parents.

Either way, those are early signs of memory impairment, which affects about 40% of people 65 or older. The good news is that there are ways to reverse, even prevent, such memory problems.

Playing memory games for seniors is one such method.

This guide shares some of the best games for improving memory and how they can help, so read on.

  1. Puzzle Games

Puzzles are games that test a person’s problem-solving abilities. Some examples are jigsaw puzzles, trivia, word games, crosswords, and Math puzzles. They test your logic, sequence solving, vocabulary, pattern, and spatial recognition.

Solving puzzles requires those skills and complete concentration. And whenever you do that, you challenge your brain. This event then creates new neural pathways and connections.

As a result, your brain remains active, which is necessary to keep it functioning at its peak.

Experts even found that older adults who play digital puzzle games have a younger person’s memory abilities. They were similar to those of people in their 20s!

All those characteristics make puzzle games a perfect entertaining tool for better memory and brain health.

Just remember that, as fun as gaming is, it should not replace a healthy diet, exercise, and the best memory supplements. Instead, it’s a beneficial and entertaining addition to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Video Games 

Video games, particularly those with three-dimensional environments, may help seniors achieve good memory.

An example is the beloved Super Mario game. Researchers used this in a 2020 study of homebound older adults. They found that this game helped improve the players’ recognition memory.

Aside from recognition, strategy-based video games can strengthen problem-solving and decision-making skills. For example, they may help improve processing speed, working memory, planning, and reasoning. All that can help engage and stimulate your brain, keeping it active and healthy.

As an added perk, some video games provide ways for social interaction. These include community-based games like Farmer’s Dynasty, Pokémon Go, and Animal Crossing. Here, players can interact and socialize with fellow gamers.

  1. Memorization Games

These games can range from simple matching games to more complex courses and mazes. Either way, they can help maintain brain health by engaging a player’s focus and recall.

Plus, multiple players can participate in many memorization games. This makes them great for family get-togethers. They may even help ease the symptoms of isolation or depression in older adults who live alone.

Try These Memory Games for Seniors

Memory games for seniors, including puzzles, video games, and memorization, can all challenge the brain. Challenges keep the brain active, which then helps it maintain optimal functioning. And the more active the brain is, the healthier and sharper it can be.

So, if you or an aging loved one needs brain-boosting entertainment, try these games.

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