Ways to Defend Your Home Against Different Kinds of Roaches

different kinds of roaches

There are about 4,600 different types of cockroaches around the world, and while that sounds quite horrifying, only 30 of these are actually found in human environments.

No one likes cockroaches, and the thought of an infestation in your home could be quite daunting. As such, you should take certain measures to prevent them. There are also various methods for getting rid of cockroaches.

In this guide, we’ll cover some tips that you can use to defend your home from different kinds of roaches. Keep reading for more.

Eliminate Food Sources

One of the quickest ways to attract roaches is to leave food lying around. They’re opportunistic feeders, so they’ll take whatever’s on offer. With that in mind, they tend to prefer sugary and starchy foods or anything with a high nutritional value.

This makes roach infestations more common around kitchens and dining rooms. It’s important to note that they sometimes also eat non-food items such as toothpaste, paper, glue, and waste materials.

Store food away rather than on your kitchen counter to avoid attracting roaches. If you have any remains such as crumbs, oil, or even sweet drink spills, clean them up straight away.

Close-Off Entry Points

The harder it is for roaches to get into your home, the less likely an infestation will be. The American cockroach, for example, often finds its way in through small gaps and openings.

Unfortunately, they can get through very small gaps, so this can be tricky to do. If you have an infestation, you should look for gaps close to the area where you notice the roaches. Look in cabinets, under sinks, and behind appliances if you think there may be any gaps.

Caulk is a simple and effective solution for sealing gaps. This can be enough to prevent any roaches from getting into your home.

Keep Your House Dry

Excess moisture can cause all kinds of problems in the home, with roach infestations being one of the most unpleasant. It can attract roaches, so you should do your best to keep your home dry.

If you find any leaks, deal with them as soon as possible. You should also check the hose pipe on your washing machine to make sure it’s tight. Water heaters and sinks are common sources of leaks, so inspect them regularly to make sure there are no issues.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

If you have a roach infection and you’re struggling to manage it, you should contact a professional. A local pest control company will have the training, equipment, and expertise to deal with roach infestations effectively. They can also take measures to ensure roaches don’t come back.

The German cockroach is a good example of a type that’s difficult to control. You may have a hard time dealing with these on your own, so hiring a professional could be the best approach.

Dealing With Different Kinds of Roaches

The best approach can vary between different kinds of roaches, but following the practices above will typically help reduce the risk of a roach infestation. Keep your home clean and dry, close off entry points, and contact a professional pest control company if things get out of hand.

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