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Getting Away From It All: What Are the Best Resorts in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a stunning nation filled with adventurous and relaxing things to experience. An estimated 1.3 million tourists visited the island nation last year, and experts forecast that the number will rise. If you’re seeking a new and unique vacation destination, a Sri Lanka travel guide can lead you in the proper direction.

You’ll learn about your restaurant and cuisine options and find the best resorts in Sri Lanka for your stay. It’s a step toward making your dream vacation come true with a visit complete of day trips, pampering, and luxury resorts.

Fortunately, you’ve arrived in the proper place to learn more about the Sri Lanka resorts to book during your stay. Continue reading to find the best options for your lifestyle and plans today!

Ceylon Tea Trails

Many people associate Sri Lanka with stunning beaches and warm ocean water. Ceylon Tea Trails takes you in a different direction and offers a luxury stay in the hills and tea plantations of the island. The resort comprises five tea planter residences restored for your comfort and convenience.

The bungalows provide a paradise where you can relax and enjoy the scenery of the gardens, with mountains and waterfalls providing the backdrop. The relaxing continues with the resort’s spa, pool, and complimentary cold beverages delivered.

Ceylon Tea Trails also offers cooking classes during your stay. You can use the experience to learn the basics of Sri Lankan cuisine.

The location is also ideal for nature lovers. You’ll find several hiking trails through the tea plantations surrounding the resort. It’s also possible to join a local tea planter on a walk to learn more about creating tea. It’s an experience you’ll love when you plan a trip to Sri Lanka resorts.

Wild Coast Tented Lodge

The Wild Coast Tented Lodge is another memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka. The opulent rooms have vaulted ceilings and unbeatable jungle views from your room. The furnishings add to the aesthetic and experience, with many pieces being colonial expedition style.

If you’re looking for the best resorts in Sri Lanka for your honeymoon, you can’t go wrong with Wild Coast Tented Lodge. Your stay will include game drives through the national park to see animals in their natural habitats. The guides will help you track elephants, leopards, and sloth bears.

The guides will also keep their eyes open for smaller native creatures in the country, like mongooses, cobras, and bee-eaters. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the wildlife in Sri Lanka.

98 Acres

98 Acres is another resort you’ll find listed in the typical Sri Lanka travel guide, and it’s among the best resorts in Sri Lanka if you’re booking a stay in the Tea Hills region. It’s a blend of natural beauty and luxurious accommodations to provide the best of both worlds during your travels in Sri Lanka.

The hotel is comprised of cute chalets surrounded by lush nature and gardens. It’s a unique option because most of the resort is made from recyclable materials.

Guests love the spacious rooms; the views stretch across the valleys and onto the distant mountains. The room’s balcony is perfect for enjoying a tasty breakfast before jumping into your planned activities and day trips.

Hire a guide to drive you around the local area to learn more about life in Sri Lanka. You’ll also find hiking trails that take you through nature and deliver you to stunning waterfalls.

For adventure seekers, there’s much to do and try when staying at the 98 Acres resort. Zip-lining and mountain biking are two popular options in the area to enjoy an adrenaline rush. Archery is also available for those who want to test their aim.

The Owl and The Pussycat

Coastal stays provide the relaxing noise of crashing waves on the beach and pristine beaches to relax on during the day. One of the best Sri Lankan resorts to consider for your adventure is The Owl and The Pussycat. The resort is on the island’s south coast, and guests will love the quirky boutique hotel experience.

It’s the perfect combination of quaint and romantic for a memorable stay. You’ll love your decision to stay at this resort because the goal of your trip is to Explore Sri Lanka.

The bright rooms offer a private terrace to help you look out onto the ocean. The resort’s overall vibe combines tranquility with the social environment for positive memories and interactions.

You’ll also love the food offered at The Owl and The Pussycat. Many meals are spicy curry dishes and fresh seafood. After eating, migrate to the pool to relax and lounge.

The location is perfect for exploring the South Coast and finding things to do in Sri Lanka. Schedule whale-watching tours, party on the beach, or relax on your room’s terrace.


If you want to inject a dose of history into your trip to Sri Lanka, Amangalla is the place to go. The resort was built from the ruins of a colonial fort, Galle Fort. The rooms provide visitors with views of the harbor and the remainder of the fort.

It’s a stunning blend of colonial charm and modern amenities. You’ll love the relaxing and friendly vibe during your stay at the Amangalla. The resort features a library and cozy gardens to read or sip tea. You can also pamper yourself with a spa day.

The resort’s pool is in a courtyard surrounded by towering palm trees. The setting is impressive, and you’ll find plenty of day trips from the resort to discover more of the island’s colonial history.

Explore the Best Resorts in Sri Lanka Today

Planning a trip abroad starts with finding the places you want to see and experience and then booking the best resorts in Sri Lanka. The Amangalla is an old colonial fort turned luxury resort perfect for exploring the coast. Ceylon Tea Trails is a unique resort providing access to tea plantations, hiking trails, and unforgettable views.

Travel is the best way to learn about new cuisines, cultures, and ecosystems. Use our Travel content to find guides to help you plan your next vacation today!

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