Summer Wells Human Remains Found At The Home

Summer Wells Human Remains Found

Most of peoples are interesting to know the updated news regarding summer wells human remains found. More than six months after Summer Wells’ disappearance, many investigators are see-through new evidence about her case. A small-scale search was conducted in the Beech Creek area on Feb. 28. Investigators identified selected different areas of Summer’s home. The investigation reports continues and investigators finally have not given up. Police got  information through attending one call on 1-800-TBI-FIND. The investigation is start and ongoing and tips are desirable to find Summer’s remains.

Summer Wells Human Remains Found Two Month Ago

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) got 113 tips for the search for Summer Wells’s absent daughter over the end of week. Many results were not credible. The search for Summer Wells has been ongoing since she missed just over two months ago. While the case is not considered serious, TBI is still conducting field work in the area where she went missing. They are asking rescue crews across Tennessee to assist in the search for her remains.

Six Months Since Her Disappearance

A five-year-old girl who has been dispread for six months. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the FBI and Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office have joined forces to help solve the case. While the search continues, locals and authorities are urged to check out sheds and outbuildings for Summer’s remains.

Preliminary Identification

Many investigators from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office have completed a detailed search reports of 4.6 square miles around Summer Wells, Tennessee. The search has completed human skeletal remains, and the authorities are working to identify the remains. Authorities have received over 200 leads since the discovery was made. Authorities have partnered with the MTSU Anthropology Department and local law enforcement agencies to find the body.

Don Wells’ Arrest in Connection with her Disappearance

Don Wells is a father of two and is not being implicated in the disappearance of his daughter Summer. The charges against him include DUI, reckless driving, and violation of probation. Don Wells was also placed under a gag order regarding the Child Protective Services case.

Police Questioning Don Wells

Police has many question in their mind and makes different doubtful reports to get the final results to finding Summer’s body.The search for Summer’s body has been intensified with a variety of investigative methods including aerial surveys. Dive teams have also surveyed the area, and digital evidence has been gathered. The family’s social media accounts have also been reviewed. Investigators have interviewed several family members and friends, and are looking for other points of interest. Don Wells and Candus Bly have both been interviewed more than once.

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