How to Augment Ancient Items in Diablo 3

Ancient Items in Diablo 3

When you start out in Ancient Items in Diablo 3 you are likely to encounter items that require augmenting. This is a process in which you can use one or more of your Legendary Gems to augment an item. Using the right gems on the item will give you an increased roll that affects the item’s base values, but does not change the resource or enchantment value.


The ancient item is a special type of item that was introduced in patch 2.1.2. They are like the legendary items, except they have bright gold trimming. These items can be obtained by gambling, crafting, and even through the blacksmith. There are two ways to augment these items: with a Legendary Gem or with Kanai’s Cube.

If you want to augment your Ancient Weapon or Amulet, you will need a Legendary Gem of at least 30 ranks. However, if you wish to augment an Ancient Ring, you will need a Legendary Gem at least 50 ranks. Additionally, you will need to use Flawless Royals gems.

While you can augment items using a variety of other methods, the most common way is to augment them with a Legendary Gem. Whenever you are level 70, you will be given a 15% chance of receiving an Ancient Item. Once you receive an Ancient Item, you will need to use Caldesann’s Despair recipe to fully empower it. Depending on the level of the Legendary Gem you are augmenting, the increase will vary. For example, a level 100 item will be able to roll +50% in melee skill while a level 75 item will be able to roll +10% in ranged skill.

If you choose to augment with a Legendary Gem, you will need to have at least three flawless royal gems. You will need to have one legendary gem that is level 30 for augmentation of an Ancient weapon, another that is level 50 for augmentation of an Ancient Ring, and a third that is level 60 for augmentation of an Ancient Armor.

Kanai’s Cube is an artifact in Diablo 3. It allows players to transform materials and power into an item. The Ancient Item is then empowered with the Legendary Gem, and the new item is returned to your inventory. In addition, you will gain a primary attribute bonus for each rank of the Artifact.

As you level, you will also find other ways to enhance your items. For example, you can use a Work of Cathan cube recipe to reduce the requirements of a Gem of Ease to just one rank. This method was originally only available during Season Two. Previously, a Gem of Ease could only be augmented when you reached level 75. However, it has now been expanded to normal characters.

Another way to enhance an Ancient Item is to obtain a Primal Ancient. Primal Ancients can drop from Horadric Caches, Kadala, and the Greater Rift. These items do not count as any different quality than a Legendary Item, but the odds of receiving them do increase with each difficulty of Torment.

Ancient Items in Diablo 3 Armor

If you’re a new player, you may not know how to augment ancient items in Diablo 3. You can use ancient items to enhance your skills, add experience to your inventory and even gain some level. But augmentation requires the proper ingredients, and there are a few things you’ll need to know.

The first step is to find a powerful item. This item could be an ancient or legendary item. There are two ways to obtain them. One way is through gambling or blacksmithing, and the other is through crafting. Using these methods, you will have a better chance of getting an ancient item. However, if you’re lucky, you can also get one from a vendor.

Once you’ve found your ideal item, you’ll need to upgrade it. You can do this with gems. They’re available in various sizes, and will provide you with some added benefits. These gems are used to boost your damage output and to increase your skill. Boosting your stats in this way can really help you out when it comes to clearing higher levels of the Greater Rift.

Another thing you’ll need is an artifact known as Kanai’s Cube. Kanai’s Cube is a tool that allows you to take your items and transform them. It’s a great way to get more value out of your gear. By using the cube, you can convert materials and extract power from your items.

After you’ve completed Kanai’s cube, you’ll need to decide what sort of ancient item you want to augment. This can be anything from an Ancient weapon to an Ancient amulet. A Legendary Gem of Rank 30 or above is required to make this augmentation possible. And you’ll need more than just a few.

In order to properly augment an Ancient item, you’ll need a couple of flawless Royals gems. Flawless Royals gems are unique and can only be used for enhancing certain stats on your items. For instance, you can use Amethyst for vitality, Emerald for dexterity, Ruby for strength and Topaz for intelligence.

When it comes to the best time to upgrade your gear, it depends on your push. You’ll want to upgrade your items more frequently in the early stages of your game, when you’re leveling and pushing. Otherwise, you may be at a disadvantage later on.

Ancient Items in Diablo 3 Another upgrade

Another way to upgrade your gear is by buying a new rare item. However, these items are not always useful, and they will not work for everyone. Sometimes, you can just pick up augmenting resources and use them to augment more powerful pieces. So, it’s not a bad idea to look around.

Finally, you can augment ancient items by upgrading their stats. Although this is not the most effective method, it’s still a good idea. This is because you’ll get an additional stat on the description of your item. That extra stat can boost your damage output, and may be worth the extra cost in the long run. Unlike other items, you’ll have to pay for the upgrade, though.

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