Bryce Laspisa Family’s Hopes and His mother’s last Words

Bryce Laspisa

There has been a lot of talk about a young man named Bryce Laspisa. He vanished, and his parents are now searching for a way to bring him home. In this article, we will take a look at his life, and what his family’s hopes are for a resolution.

Drinking habits of the teen

Bryce Laspisa was a 22 year old college student from California. He was a charming, bright young man. In his first year of college, he had good grades and was eager to start sophomore year. However, he was also known to experiment with drugs and alcohol to escape his everyday life. His parents are still wondering what happened to their son.

At around 2 a.m. on August 29, Bryce Laspisa called his mother from Buttonwillow, a small town in Kern County. He told her he was tired, that he was sleeping in his car and that he wanted to go home. It was not until after he had left that police discovered that he was missing.

Bryce Laspisa had been drinking heavily. His friends had reported that he had a history of drug abuse, and he was frequently found with marijuana and alcohol in his possession. This was not unusual for a young adult just beginning to have fun.

Bryce Laspisa was a sociable guy and had an extensive portfolio of work. He was a great artist, and he had been a regular attendee at Sierra College, in Rocklin, California. He had a close friendship with roommate Sean Dixon.

Bryce Laspisa was wearing a blue and white checkered t-shirt and size 12 red and white Nikes. He had his birthday in Roman numerals on his upper left arm. During his high school years, he had been arrested for MDMA possession.

Several of his classmates said that Bryce Laspisa was a “druggie.” He was also reported to have a history of being a heavy drinker. After classes began, he increased his drinking.

On Wednesday, August 30, Bryce Laspisa called his mother from his cellphone, telling her that he was going to sleep in his car. Karen, his mother, agreed that he was in need of rest. She asked him to call her if he was fine, but he refused. When she called, she discovered that he was driving on I-5, heading south.

Eventually, police were able to contact his mother and he was located. Though he gave his mother little information, she says that he had a lot to talk about.

His mother’s last words to him before he vanished

What happened to Kevin Doan? Sadly, the 5 year old did not make it home on Monday. He was swept away from his mother by a swollen creek in the middle of a raging winter storm. A search of the vicinity turned up only one shoe. No one seems to know what happened to the rest of the gang. The search continues today. One can only hope that they will be found in time for a reuniting ritual. Thankfully, his mother is not alone in this sad state.

There is no telling how many other kids have been snatched from their mothers. Despite the best efforts of the law enforcement officials, the mystery remains. It is not the hulking brute that has escaped the clutch, but rather a feisty lass, and the man who got her back. The search has been a slog for the past few days, but the good people of the Bay area have rallied around the Doan family. Not to mention the ensuing media coverage.

In short, what happened to Kyle is anyone’s guess. Even the ole lady isn’t sure what really happened to her son. So much for a happy ending for all? And while she might have found her missing child, she might have found the man of her dreams. With the recent calamity in the rear view mirror, she might just need a nudge in the right direction. For now, it is all about getting her boy back into the fray. Until she does, the Doan clan will have to keep a close eye on the weather. Having said that, the media certainly did not take lightly.

Unlike many of us, Kyle and his mom were at least lucky in escaping the worst of it. This has given her a newfound sense of wit and charm.

Bryce Laspisa Family’s Hopes for a Resolution

Bryce Laspisa’s family is still hopeful that he will be found. Since Laspisa disappeared nearly six years ago, they have received tips from at least half a dozen states. But the missing 19-year-old has not been found, and his parents have been left wondering why.

The young man was traveling from Roseville, California, to visit his relatives in Orange County. He was last seen driving a 2003 Toyota Highlander in the Castaic Lake area, off Lake Hughes Road.

According to authorities, a search of the area revealed that Bryce’s car was smashed, and his wallet was found inside the vehicle. Bryce Laspisa called his mother at 2 a.m. on August 30. Apparently, the 19-year-old had plans to drive home that night. It was his first time on his own.

The next day, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department issued a bulletin to the public, stating that they were searching for a missing person. Family members reported that Bryce Laspisa had not been in contact with them since he was on his way home from California on August 28. However, his cell phone was in the car.

After his disappearance, a number of people began to suspect that the body of someone else had been burned near Castaic Lake. Investigators discovered the burned remains, but they did not believe they were Bryce’s.

A week later, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department found Laspisa’s car a short distance from where his car was last seen. Officials searched the area using canine units and aerial units. They also searched the lake and trails surrounding it on foot and horseback. There were a number of vigils held in the area.

Although investigators have not yet identified the burned body as Laspisa’s, the missing teenager’s family is hopeful that he will be found. In the meantime, the family is trying to keep the case alive. Their Facebook page is currently devoted to the search for their son. The page has more than 12,000 likes.

Authorities are still hoping that someone will come forward and help them find the missing teenager. If you know where Bryce Laspisa is, please contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

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