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How to Improve Small Business Security: Everything You Need to Know


Did you know that small businesses in the United States of America lost close to $7 billion USD due to common cyber threats in 2021 alone? Protecting business data has become one of the biggest priorities for businesses of all sizes around the globe. Hackers can and will find any vulnerability in your network that will allow them to gain access to your data and financial information.

The prospect of running a business with all of these common cyber threats lurking can feel daunting, but there are many things that you can do in order to improve small business security at your company. Using online security tools is a great start, but you should also consider working with a digital security team.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning how to start protecting your business data from hackers. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

Invest in Training

One of the biggest areas of vulnerability that businesses face is employees. Phishing scams are quite successful when employees aren’t trained on the proper steps to take with data and network security. A simple email could open the floodgates for hackers to invade your business’s network.

You can eliminate human error to a large degree if you invest in training for your employees. Ingrain in them the importance of staying vigilant to these threats. An email that looks innocent could act as a Trojan Horse for hackers to get ahold of valuable information.

Security awareness training will give your employees the skills and knowledge that they need to protect the business from these threats. They can spot phishing attempts and report them to your digital security team. It’s the most effective first line of defense for your company.

Find Your Weaknesses

No one likes looking inward to find their own weaknesses. The fact is that your business has many weak points in your digital security that hackers will find if you don’t. You need to take steps to assess the weaknesses of your business if you want to find ways to thwart the common cyber threats that you’ll face.

Take some time to work with your employees and find areas where you can improve small business security. It’s important to remember that each business is different, and your business will face its own unique set of challenges. A one-size-fits-all approach to digital security will result in failure.

Look at the online security tools that you’re using and see if there are things that you can upgrade. It also helps to practice business data backups to keep your info safe should your system crash or get hacked. Finding the right security services is a breeze when you know the areas where your business is weak.

Invest in a Dedicated Server

The majority of small businesses look at using shared servers for their business data. It’s a decision that is made more for affordability than anything else, and it opens the doors to hackers that will take advantage of the situation. Many common cyber threats look for that type of situation since it is much easier to exploit than using a dedicated server for your business.

The security that you’ll gain from a dedicated server is much greater than using the best shared server. You will share the same server with other websites with a shared server. Using your own will minimize the risks that you’ll face. If you’re worried about your business’s internet security then it’s best to switch to a dedicated server sooner rather than later.

Use Unique Passwords

It sounds like a simple solution, but using unique passwords is a great way to improve small business security. Hackers and cyber threats will use easy passwords as a way to bypass security and gain access to your business’s network. It’s a good idea to require your employees to change their passwords on a regular basis to keep hackers guessing.

You also need to instill the idea that unique passwords are a good thing. Sure, it’s more difficult to memorize these passwords, but that is the point. Hackers will have an impossible time guessing the password to your devices and networks when you’re using unique passwords for added security.

Avoid using passwords that are similar as this will make it easier for anyone to guess the new password. If you’re worried about memorizing these passwords then look into using apps on your phone or writing the new passwords down and storing them in a secure location at your desk.

Control Computer Access

Controlling computer access is another effective way that you can overcome common cyber threats. A great way that you can improve small business security is by limiting access to your business’s computers. You need to ensure that no one from outside of the company can access these devices as you will limit the theft of information.

Using strong passwords will limit access to the computer or device should it fall into the wrong hands or get stolen. Try to limit the number of times in which employees take laptops and other work devices home as this will reduce the risk of them getting lost or stolen.

In addition to keeping the devices secured with security measures, you should do the same with your WiFi connections. Avoid using public WiFi networks if you want to decrease the odds of getting hacked. It’s best to use secured internet sources to decrease the odds of information getting stolen.

Start Using Blockchain

Blockchain is a growing technology that has massive potential when it comes to business security. Blockchain makes it easy to store the data of your customers. Even your stakeholders will love it, as their information will be far more secure with blockchain.

The online transactions that you conduct with your customers will become more secure. This will give them peace of mind about doing business with you rather than your competitors. The more that people trust your business, the more likely they are to work with you, which will help you with growing your business operations.

Don’t make the mistake of writing off blockchain technology as unaffordable. Many small businesses can afford to use it, and they find that the online security tools that it offers are more than worth the price.

It’s also smart to pair blockchain technology with hiring an IT consultant. You get an IT consultant here that will help you boost your business security.

Use Two-Factor Authentification

It seems like a hassle at times, but using two-factor authentication makes a lot of sense if you want to improve your business security. Even the best password is still possible to get figured out, as Bletchley Park proved with the German Enigma code.

If a hacker manages to guess the right password it is nice to know that you have another line of defense there to protect you. Two-factor authentication will send a one-time password to your phone or email that the hacker can’t access. This will keep them from entering the system and gaining access to sensitive information.

This code will do a number for improving small business security. The only change is one more step that your employees need to take during the login process.

Backup Your Business Files

Many businesses make the mistake of neglecting to make business data backups. This is a mistake on a number of levels, and it could cost your business everything if you’re not careful. You need to schedule regular file backups for your business to ensure that your data stays safe even if your network crashes or gets hacked.

Having backups will allow you to carry on with minimal hassle. Even if information goes missing or gets stolen you will still have a secure backup of that file. Consider using a cloud service or the blockchain for added security when you’re backing up your files.

Hire a Digital Security Team

Hiring a digital security team is another step that you need to take if you want to improve small business security. These professionals know all of the tricks and methods that common cyber threats will use to gain access to your network. They focus on staying one step ahead of these threats.

They’ll install software programs that will detect unauthorized users. They will also use online security tools that will keep your data safe by patching holes in vulnerable areas of your network. Trying to tackle your business’s security issues on your own will be difficult unless you have a team of seasoned professionals on your side.

Take These Steps to Improve Small Business Security Today

No business wants to lose money, and your biggest risk of major losses comes from common cyber threats. Make sure you’re using the best online security tools and hiring a digital security team to keep your system online and vigilant. It’s also a wise move to invest in training your employees on protecting business data and using two-factor authentication.

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